Ghidul incepatorului in Thailanda – tot ce trebuie sa stii inainte sa ajungi in Thailanda

The land of smiles, exotic landscapes and beautiful beaches, an ideal place to spend your vacation and a dream destination for many travelers - this is Thailand! One of the most beautiful countries, visited and loved by tourists from all over the world, ready to welcome its guests with so much joy and warmth!

Before arriving in this wonderful country, it is good to know some information about Thailand, so that your vacation will be a successful one without unpleasant events. I invite you to discover in this article everything you need to know before going to Thailand: what are the conditions for entering the country, what to expect here in terms of people and culture or details about transport, accommodation and food - these are some of the things that might be useful for you to know about Thailand.

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What you need to know about Thailand

1. About Thailand

Thailand, the Kingdom of Thailand or Siam, according to the old name, is a country in Southeast Asia, bordering Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar.

Thailand has an area of 513,000 square km, with a population of over 66 million inhabitants.

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, being also the country's largest city.

The official language is Thai, but most of the population, at least in the tourist area, also speaks English.


2. Why go to Thailand

Thailand is one of the most touristic countries in Asia. With gorgeous beaches, isolated islands and beautiful temples, Thailand has so much to offer that you would need weeks to discover all of its secrets.

And the climate and high temperatures in winter help a lot, Thailand being chosen mainly as an exotic holiday destination in the months with low temperatures in Europe. Thailand annually conquers visitors with its beautiful places, but especially with its good organization. The Thai people know how to do tourism, and you will feel that from the first moment you step into the country.


3. Entrance requirements for Thailand

There are a number of 64 countries whose citizens can travel to Thailand only with their passport, without a visa, being allowed to stay for tourist purposes for up to 30 days. On the official website you can find the list of these countries: Thai Visa Exemption and Bilateral Agreement.

However, if you need a visa these are the following optiones for obtaining one:

VOA - Visa on Arrival

If the stay is shorter than 15 days, you can opt for Visa on Arrival, with a single entry, which can be obtained directly from the airport. The visa fee is 2000 THB/person (approximately 52 euros), and you need proof of exit from the country (return plane ticket or flight ticket to another country), confirmation of accommodation for the entire stay and two passport-type photos.

There are intermediaries (3rd party sites) who can obtain the VOA for you before you arrive in Thailand. You will receive the so-called e-VOA, for which you will pay approximately 500 THB in addition. But be careful, no one guarantees that you will receive a visa. In case of refusal, you will not be able to recover the money.



If you plan to stay in Thailand for more than 15 days, then it is mandatory to get in advance your electronic visa, for a maximum stay of 60 days..

  • On the website you have to create an account, and then a visa application, through which you fill in all the necessary information:
    • Return plane tickets
    • Confirmation of accommodation for the entire stay
    • Personal data such as salary income
  • The visa fee is in the amount of 2500 THB (approximately 65 euros) and is non-refundable, in case of rejection.
  • The visa application has to be made in time! Officially, it takes 21 working days to receive the answer from the embassy, but in busy periods, this term can be exceeded, reaching up to 2 months.
  • If the file is incomplete, you will be asked on email for additional information.
  • In addition to this single-entry visa, for 60 days, you can choose other types of visas, with multiple entries, for 3 or 6 months.
  • If you stay in the country longer than your visa allows, you will have to pay the fine for the extra days upon leaving the country, or you may end up being banned from entering Thailand for a certain period of time.

Tip: When you are asked for the visa application to confirm all the accommodations during your stay in Thailand, but you do not have yet the entire stay organized by days, book an accommodation with free cancellation on Booking, which you can later cancel.

Hong Island
Hong Island

4. Safety in Thailand

Thailand is a very safe country, so you shouldn't worry! Although we also went there with certain fears at the beginning, we were surprised by how well-placed everything is, and that sometimes we felt safer than in many places in Europe. Thai people are fair and respectful people, so you can go with confidence.

However, as in other locations heavily populated with tourists, I recommend you to be cautious and watch out for pickpockets. And try not to venture out at night in less trafficked places, advice valid anywhere in the world!

Kata Beach
Kata Beach, Phuket

5. People and culture in Thailand

Once here, you must know that you are encountering another culture, Thailand is a country with its own rules and etiquette, and you, as a guest in their house, should respect them. E.g:

    • It is common sense to take off your shoes before entering someone's house. Thus, you will notice a lot of places where you will be asked to take off your shoes before entering the room, including restaurants or hotels
    • Don't touch people's heads - I don't know why you'd want to do that, wherever you would be, but it's an important rule in Thailand
    • For Thais, the king and the royal family are very important, so be careful not to offend or say anything bad about royalty

But, at the same time, Thailand is also called the Land of Smiles, and after a few days spent here, you will understand why. The people are so smiling and respectful, that you will feel welcomed and happier just because you are among such good-natured and cheerful people.

The Thai people know how to do tourism, and they treat their guests with great care. In many areas of the country, tourism is their main source of income, so it is in their interest that the tourist has the most beautiful vacation!

In the tourist areas, most Thais speak English, and those who don't, will try different methods to communicate with you (many use the Google Translate application).

Some words that you will hear often in Thailand and that could be useful to you would be:

    • Greeting: Sà wàtdii kráp, for men, Sà wàtdii ká for women
    • Thank you: kob kun krap for men, kob kun ka for women

6. Religion in Thailand

The predominant religion in Thailand is Buddhism.

There are thousands of temples in the country, called "wat" in Thai, and some of them are real tourist attractions, such as Wat Pho and Wat Arun in Bangkok, or War Rong Khun (White Temple) in Chiang Rai.

Wat Pho Temple
Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok

What you need to know before visiting a temple in Thailand

If you are going to visit Thailand, you will most likely end up visiting a Buddhist temple, and for that, you have to take certain aspects into account. The clothing must be decent, women are not allowed to bare their shoulders and knees, and in some temples with stricter rules, men are also required to wear long pants. It will probably be unpleasant to walk around in pants and long sleeves at 30-35 degrees, but at the temples visited by many tourists, you can usually find very cheap pants to rent or buy at the entrance.

At the same time, it is mandatory that when you enter a temple to take off your shoes!

7. Currency in Thailand

The official currency in Thailand is Baht, or THB.

In January 2024, at the time of publication this article, the value of one THB is:

  • 100 THB = 2.6 euro, 1 euro = 39 THB
  • 100 THB = 2.8 dolari, 1 dolar = 35 THB
  • 100 THB = 12.8 RON, 1 RON = 7.8 THB

Can I pay by card in Thailand?

In Thailand, cash is king! Although in some places you can use the card, it is mandatory to always have cash with you.

Merchants are running away from cards, in some stores they don't accept them at all, in others they have a minimum limit of 200 THB or 1000 THB to be able to pay with the card, and in others they impose a 3% fee if you want to use the card.

Even at the accommodations, we met locations where you could only pay in cash. And at the shops that sell one-day trips to the islands, payment could only be made in cash.

But even so, where possible, you can pay by card, and here I recommend Revolut. The rate is a good one, and you can exchange your money in THB directly from the application.

Chinatown, Bangkok

How to exchange money in Thailand

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Thailand!

I know where NOT to change money - at the airport. Or at least, try to change here as little as possible, only the strictly necessary, until you reach another currency exchange house, with a better rate.

You can also withdraw cash from bank ATMs, but here I advise you to withdraw a larger amount, to be worth the fee imposed by ATMs: for each withdrawal, you will have to pay a fee of 220 THB (5.6 euros) at any ATM you would go. But, for larger amounts, the fee is lower than the exchange rate difference from an exchange house.

8. Weather in Thailand

The tropical climate determines the appearance of two seasons in Thailand:

  • The dry season,from November to March, characterized by high temperatures in the south of the country, with clear skies and little rain. It is also the peak of the tourist season in Thailand
  • The monsoon or wet season, from April to October, the period characterized by rains, storms and high humidity

Temperatures and precipitation can vary depending on the region, for example the north of the country can face lower temperatures.

But it is good to know that, in general, the temperatures in Thailand are quite constant, 30 degrees, like the summer season in Europe. The difference is felt in the level of precipitation, if it is the wet or dry season.

Similan Islands
Similan Islands

9. When to go to Thailand

Thailand is the perfect destination for a winter vacation for Europeans. The months of December, January, February are peak season in Thailand, with perfect weather, 30-35 degrees. At the same time, it is also the most crowded period with the most tourists, which is felt in the prices of plane tickets, merchants or hoteliers.

If you want to travel on a budget, you can choose any other period, but expect more unfavorable weather. There will be fewer tourists, lower prices, constant temperatures, but the rains can affect your vacation. If you want to travel in the off-season, my recommendation is to look for the most suitable region in Thailand to go to, for the period you want, considering that the level of precipitation and humidity can differ from the north of the country to the south , or from east to west.

10. What to visit in Thailand

Thailand is a country with so much to offer, that I couldn't even recommend a single place to visit.

The capital Bangkok, the popular resorts from Phuket or Krabi, the famous Phi Phi islands, the impressive temples of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, the beautiful islands such as Koh Samui or Koh Lanta, national parks such as Doi Inthanon or Khao Sok – they are all gorgeous and worth visiting, whether you are a more active traveler who likes to explore the whole country and culture, or whether you want a quieter vacation, at the beach.


11. Beaches and islands in Thailand

Thailand is mainly a destination for going to the sea, discovering islands, sunbathing and enjoying cocktails on the beach. Even so, you won't get bored, because there are so many beautiful beaches and gorgeous landscapes, that every day you could discover a new special place. You can also try the concept of "island hopping", either on your own or through an organized tour, where you can go from one island to another.

Bamboo Island
Bamboo Island

Below is a list of beautiful and famous islands and beaches in Thailand, which you should not miss:

  • Phi Phi Islands, with the famous Maya Bay and Bamboo island
  • Koh Lanta (Koh means island in Thai)
  • Koh Lipe
  • Koh Samui
  • Pattaya, statiunea din apropiere de Bangkok

12. How to visit Thailand? On your own or with an agency

Although it may be a location that would normally take a tourist used to Western countries out of his comfort zone, I assure you that Thailand is a safe and easy destination to visit. Everything is very well organized, the Thai people know how to do tourism, and you will notice this in any interaction or trip you will do here.

There is no need to make big plans from home and to book different day trips or experiences months in advance, the moment you arrive here you will be overwhelmed with a lot of excursion offers that you can book from one day on another.

If you have some fear of coming to Thailand on your own, then you can contact a travel agency, you can find numerous holiday packages in your country. Just know that you will not be as flexible as if you were traveling alone, and the packages usually have a duration of up to 10 days, while on your own you can stay as long as you want. And as for the price, compared to the time spent in Thailand, you would get more expensive through the agency.

Railay Beach
Railay Beach, Krabi

13. How to get to Thailand

Good, and now let's move on to more practical things.

Transportation to Thailand is usually the most expensive purchase of your entire vacation here. From Europe, the road is long, there are many hours of flight, and plane tickets are quite expensive, so if you come this far, I would recommend you to stay here at least for two weeks.

If you want to look for plane tickets on your own, some of the airlines you can fly with from Europe would be Turkish Airlines, Qatar, KLM, Lufthansa or Air France. You can search on or Google Flights for different flight options.

The price of a plane ticket differs depending on the period chosen, the offers found or how early you start your search. You can try different flight options, until you find the right one for you, but expect an average price of the plane ticket of 1000 euros, round trip.

Phi Phi Islands
Phi Phi Islands

14. Transport in Thailand

Thailand is a country with a multitude of beautiful places that are worth visiting, so when you come here, you will most likely not stop in one place and make a route with several destinations. You should know that the transport in Thailand is very well set up, organized and accessible, and it will be easy for you to get from one point to another.

From domestic plane, ferry, train, to scooter, Bolt, local buses and long-tail boats, you will definitely always find a way to reach your desired destination. I invite you to read this article, where you will find information about how to get around in Thailand: How to Get Around in Thailand - More than 10 Transport Options.

On the other hand, I leave here the most important site you need to know when it comes to domestic transport in Thailand:


15. Internet in Thailand

An important thing to do when you arrive in Thailand is to connect to the Internet. Today it is so easy and accessible to get internet on personal devices, that I don't see why you would bother with offline maps and search for public wireless networks.

You can buy SIM cards with internet to insert into your personal phone, or more simply, install an eSIM, if your phone allows it. There are different types of SIMs: for a week, for 15 days or a month, and the prices start from 450 THB/8 days.

We used Airalo, the application where you can easily buy and install eSIMs on your phone in any corner of the world. I compared the different options on the market, and the most efficient option was the 50 GB/10 days option for 9 dollars, from Airalo. 

16. What to eat in Thailand

Thai food is world famous and deserves all the praise. It is so tasty, healthy and special that you will fall in love with the taste of Thai cuisine. Thai street food is known all over the world, and it is a unique experience that you must try.

Some of the dishes to try here are:

  • Phad Tai: traditional Thai food, noodles with vegetables and chicken or seafood, with a slightly sweet-spicy taste
  • Tom Yum: a soup with coconut milk and shrimp or chicken
  • Sticky rice with mango: the most sought-after dessert in Thailand
Pad Thai

But besides that, you will find a lot of interesting foods, or some more strange ones, such as crocodile meat. If you want to be safe and not take risks, then try chicken dishes and avoid eating street food from places that don't seem very clean.

17. Enjoy tropical fruits

Thailand is also the paradise of exotic fruits: papaya, passion fruit, dragon fruit, mango, pineapple, coconut...

There are so many fruits, so tasty and so affordable, that you will end up doing a fruit cleanse regardless of whether you set out to do so or not.

18. Where to stay in Thailand

From exclusive hotels to hostels for backpackers, in Thailand you have plenty to choose from in terms of accommodation options, depending on budget, location and needs.

Prices can vary from 10-20 euros/night to over 100 euros/night, depending on everyone's needs and demands.

I recommend you book your accommodations directly on or Agoda, after checking the reviews beforehand, both on the booking platforms and on Google.

Our accommodations in Thailand were:

  • Bangkok: Rezt Bangkok – a nice accommodation, decent for the price, in a good area, close to the mall and the stations, but quiet at the same time, being behind the main street.
  • Phuket, Kata Beach: OK Phuket – clean room, in a good and quiet location in Kata Beach. 
  • Phi Phi: Sea View Bungalow - an authentic accommodation on the island of Phi Phi, in an interesting bungalow-type house.
  • Krabi, Ao Nang: Baan Ban Dalay - the room was 40 euros/night, during the New Year's period (January 2024), and the conditions were very good: quiet, clean, restaurant on the ground floor, and the room very chic. Close to the beach, but still far away from the hustle and bustle of the resort.
Phi Phi - Sea View Bungalow
Phi Phi - Sea View Bungalow

19. How are the prices in Thailand

  • The most expensive purchase of your vacation in Thailand will be the plane tickets to get there, otherwise, the prices in the country are quite good, significantly lower than in Europe.
  • The prices will differ depending on the period chosen, if you go in peak season or in off-season, especially for accommodation. The most expensive accommodation we had was in Phi Phi, 60 euros/night.
  • It is not expensive to eat in Thailand, especially if you eat street food. It is more expensive to eat at a restaurant, but even so, the prices are good. For example, with 12 euros in Phuket, two people can eat very well, with drinks and appetizers included.
  • Local food is cheaper than international food, such as burgers, pizza or pasta.
  • Accommodation is cheaper in Krabi than in Phuket, but it is more expensive to eat at a restaurant.
  • Local transport is quite cheap, for 50 euros you can fly domestically between Bangkok and Phuket, for example, or with 300 THB (7 euros) you can go 15 km with a Bolt car.
  • The total price of the vacation is increased by day trips. They start from 20-30 euros/day/person, they are not expensive, if you analyze what a day trip includes, but all this adds up at the end.
James Bond Island
James Bond Island Daytrip

20. Day trips in Thailand

There are so many day trips that you can do in Thailand, regardless of the location where you spend your vacation, that you could organize an activity every day and still not get bored.

What I really liked here is how well organized the Thais are. Most tours are with pick-up, more precisely a mini van will come after you at your hotel, take you to the meeting point, and finally bring you back to your accommodation.

During the day you will receive water, drinks, fruits and you will be served lunch. Everything is so precise and on time, that your only concern will be to enjoy and have a good time!

The price for a day trip starts from 20-30 euros/day, you can book directly on Klook or GetYourGuide (on Klook we found the trips cheaper), or by negotiating with various merchants in the resort.

Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay (James Bond Island Daytrip)

Excursion by private boat

There are many options to get to the desired places with a private boat, not just through a tour organized for a larger group of people. You will usually receive offers for such tours on GetYourGuide / Klook or at travel agencies.

If you want a unique experience, then such private tours are recommended. If you are only two or three people, the private tour will cost you more than if you went with a larger group, but if there are more people in your group, then you will not feel the price difference compared to a normal tour.

21. What to always have with you in Thailand

It is important to always have some basic items with you in Thailand, such as:

  • Napkins or toilet paper - in many toilets they were completely missing
  • Disinfectant - especially on the islands, there was no tap water, so you couldn't wash your hands after going to the toilet
  • Sun lotion and sun cap
  • Water resistant bag, in case you make day trips to the islands
  • Water shoes
  • Scarf or towel to protect yourself as much as possible from the strong air conditioning
  • Your snorkeling set
Kata Beach
Kata Beach

22. Vaccines for Thailand

No vaccine is mandatory to enter Thailand. But there are still recommendations for vaccines against hepatitis A or typhoid fever.

23. Get travel insurance for Thailand

This adive is valid for any travel destination outside your own country, but I insist on this recommendation all the more in a country so far away and with such a different climate.

No matter how careful you are, there is always the risk of food poisoning or an infection from an insect sting, so it is better to be medically insured. The medical system in Thailand is good, but quite expensive if you go without insurance.

24. Take the necessary medicines with you from home

Also in the same topic, don't forget basic medicines at home, such as those for colds, indigestion or sickness. There are certain symptoms that you can treat quickly, in the classic way, without having to go to the hospital. And probably you don't want to start now trying medicines from Thai pharmacies, which you may not know anything about.

25. Take anti-insect solutions with you

A less pleasant aspect in Thailand are the invasions of insects, especially mosquitoes. In order not to risk a nasty infection, or worse, a tropical disease, it is better to protect yourself in advance from the mosquito bites.

I recommend that you have a spray against mosquitoes with DEET 40%, which you can use, especially during the evening or after a rain. Such a solution would be Care Plus Anti-Insect DEET Spray 40%.

If you forgot to order your spray before arriving in Thailand, don't worry, you can find such mosquito sprays in 7/11 stores as well.

26. 7/11

And we got to one of the nice topics in Thailand, namely the famous 7/11 store chain.

These are shops open 24-hours, on every street corner, and the most important thing is that you can find everything here! From coffee and fresh juices, to semi-prepared food, food products, cosmetics and household products.

And you can't come to Thailand and not try the famous toast sandwich from 7/11! It is a must for Thailand!


27. Shopping in Thailand

But besides the 7/11 stores, Thailand is a heaven for shopping enthusiasts. So many shops, markets and malls, that you only need time and money, because the possibilities are endless.

Shopping in Thailand is an experience, the prices in the markets are quite low, and if you are looking for souvenirs and gifts for your beloved ones, this is the perfect place to come with empty suitcases and leave with them full!

Railway Market
Railway Market

28. Negotiate

Maybe you wouldn't expect it, not being a country with a Muslim culture, but even in Thailand they negotiate! Not necessarily at the big stores or restaurants, because there you get a receipt and you can pay with your card, but at the small stores in the markets or on day trips, if you are more than one person, you can try to negotiate.

29. How to dress in Thailand

In Thailand, I recommend you to dress very casually, with thin summer clothes. But always have a cap, a scarf or a blouse with you, because inside the air conditioning is very strong, and thus, from temperatures of 35 degrees you go directly to 20 degrees, which is not very pleasant.

There are no rules of conduct regarding clothing, except in temples. There you are asked, as a woman, to have your shoulders and knees covered, and as a man, in some temples with stricter rules, you have to wear long pants.

Phi Phi
Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands

30. Alcohol and smoking in Thailand

Neither alcohol nor smoking is prohibited in Thailand.

But it is forbidden to smoke in crowded public spaces or in parks, being allowed only in specially arranged places.

31. Animals in Thailand

In Thailand it is very easy to meet animals that you could only see in zoos. Even so, there are some common sense rules that I recommend you to follow here:

Beware of monkeys

There are extremely many wild monkeys running free in Thailand. They are very cute, but don't let them fool you. They are known as thieves, and it is also forbidden to feed them.

They can become quite dangerous, so if they jump on you and try to steal something from you, don't fight them! They can bite or scratch you, which is not very pleasant. At the same time, don't smile at them with your mouth wide open, they will have the impression, seeing your teeth, that you want to attack them and they will fight back.


Don't ride elephants

There are many elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, where old or sick elephants are carefully cared for. At the same time, there are still some elephant parks where the animals are ridden by tourists.

My advice is:: don't ride the elephants! Usually the elephants trained to do this activity were abused and lived in miserable conditions. If you want to see the elephants, go to a sanctuary where they are well cared for, where you can feed them, take a picture with them and pet them.

Elephant Sanctuary

Avoid tiger parks

I think the worst activity in Thailand is the one at the tiger parks, where tourists take pictures with the half-asleep tiger. It is so sad, because those tigers are permanently sedated just so that the tourist can take a picture with them, and the owner can gain some money.

Avoid these places, no picture deserves any animal to be abused in such a way!

32. Beware of scams

As in any popular and highly touristic place in this world, there are no shortage of scammers here either. If you know, in general, what their activities are, maybe you will somehow manage to avoid them:

  • Be careful how you negotiate for tuk-tuks or taxis that do not go with a device. Here it often happens that the tourist, in good faith, is scammed and pays more than the trip usually worths.
  • If you go by tuk tuk, there are cases in which the driver will take you to certain stores approved by him, with higher prices than elsewhere, from where he will receive a commission from the sales made by you. Avoid these types of businesses, it is clear that both the driver and the merchant are trying to take advantage of you.
  • If you arrive in Bangkok by the temples, beware of the tuk tuk drivers who will tell you that the temple gate is closed and that they will take you quickly with the tuk tuk to another entrance gate. Usually this is a "scam" practiced by drivers, they will ask you for this tuk tuk ride a lot of money at the end. You just go with the crowd, surely where hundreds of other tourists go, you can go too, because there is no closed gate.

33. Nightlife in Thailand

Thailand is known as a favorite destination for partygoers. Khao San Road in Bangkok, Bangla Road in Patong or Phi Phi are some of main spots of entertainment in Thailand.

Dozens of bars and clubs with deafeningly loud music, cannabis, tattoo parlors, lady boys and scantily clad women complete this picture characterized by promiscuity. So, if you are looking for such experiences, you know where to go!

34. Phuket or Krabi

What do we choose between Phuket or Krabi?

This is a question often asked by tourists visiting Thailand for the first time and who do not know what to choose between Phuket or Krabi. If you ask anyone who has already been to these places, you will see that opinions are divided - some prefer Phuket, while others would always go to Krabi.

Both are beautiful and popular locations in Thailand, but I want to give you some details about both places, and you will choose by yourself.

  • Phuket is a larger island, with more resorts, accommodation and beaches to explore.
  • The beaches in the resorts are very beautiful, although sometimes crowded. They are long, stretched, with fine, yellow sand and a beautiful blue sea.
Karon Beach
Karon Beach, Phuket
  • The beaches in Krabi have a beautiful setting, with the rocks rising from the water, and the landscapes are more different.
  • Personally, strictly as places to lay on the beach and swim in the sea, I would choose the beaches from Phuket. In Krabi, the low tie was quite evident, and the sea, at least in the resort of Ao Nang, did not have that clearly defined blue-turquoise color.
  • In Krabi, accommodation is cheaper than in Phuket.
  • Instead, it is cheaper to eat at a restaurant in Phuket than in Krabi.
  • Ao Nang, the resort in Krabi, seemed much more elegant than the ones from Phuket.
Ao Nang, Krabi
  • In both locations you can visit an elephant sanctuary
Freedom Beach
Freedom Beach, Phuket

I invite you to discover Phuket in this article: Top 12 Activities In Phuket - What To Do In Phuket, Thailand.

And about Krabi, you can read here: Krabi, Thailand – TOP 10 Things You Can Do in Krabi.

35. Useful applications in Thailand

Finally, I leave you some useful applications and websites that we used in Thailand, some of which being not so popular in Europe:

  • Bolt and Grab for ride sharing

36. Drone in Thailand

If you are passionate about drone filming, then you need to know some important aspects before you get here.

Am I allowed with a drone in Thailand?

The drone is not prohibited in Thailand, but it needs to be registered, regardless of its size. Even if it is under 250 grams, the weight for which, in general, it can fly anywhere without problems, in Thailand it is necessary to register it beforehand.

I would advise you not to risk and bring the drone into the country without completing the bureaucratic procedures first. In practice, there are still tourists who fly the drone illegally, but on the other hand, the Thais seem quite strict when it comes to drones, and you risk big fines or having your drone confiscated at the airport.

If you have a permit to fly the drone, you should know that it is forbidden to raise it in protected areas, such as national parks (Maya Bay, Similan Islands or Bamboo Island).

How do I register the drone in Thailand?

The drone registration process consists of two stages, namely registration at:

The process can take up to several weeks, so I recommend that you start the procedures in time.

The formalities are not necessarily easy to complete, you need certain technical data about the drone that you may not be very familiar with.

An option to register your drone more easily, the option we chose, is through a third party, an intermediary site that, for a fee of 1500 baht, takes care of all the necessary formalities, so that you receive the flight permit in a few days. 

Railay Beach
Railay Beach, Krabi

37. Enjoy the sunsets

I will end this article with the simplest recommendation: enjoy the sunsets!

In Thailand we caught some of the most beautiful sunsets, and it is a dream come true to admire and enjoy the scenery of a gorgeous sunset on the Thai beach.

I hope that this article will be useful to you in organizing your vacation in Thailand! If you think there are topics I haven't covered, I'm waiting for your message in the comments! And if you liked the article, a like is more than appreciated and welcomed!