Ce sa faci o zi in Viscri, cel mai autentic sat din Romania

Do you remember how life was before the era of speed, when everything seemed to move slower, life was quieter and stress was lower? Or what was it like when you went to the countryside with your grandparents as a child, at a time when you didn't have any mobile phones and internet, and you spent the whole day outside, in the yard or playing on the streets?

Such memories were awakened by Viscri, the most famous and authentic Romanian village. A village where time has stood still and where things seem to move in peace and quiet.

In this article I will present some essential information that you should know before your visit to this wonderful place that seems to have been forgotten in time.

About Viscri

Viscri is a village in Bunesti commune, Brasov county. Viscri is, I could say, the most authentic and well-preserved traditional village in Transylvania and Romania. It is a Saxon village, which became so famous thanks to King Charles III of the United Kingdom, who used to periodically visit his holiday home here.


Viscri is today an important point of attraction for Romanian and foreign tourists alike, and this is due to the peaceful atmosphere of country life that welcomes you in this village, the well-preserved traditional houses, the animals left free on the streets and the rural landscapes.

How to get to Viscri

Viscri is located between Sighisoara and Rupea and can be reached by car. From the commune of Bunesti, on the European road E60, you still have to travel a distance of 7 kilometers to the village of Viscri.

At the entrance to the village there is a free parking lot, where you can leave your car. Access by car to the village is prohibited.

Viscri - The main street of the village

If you don't have a car, you should know that there are different day trips to this location, departing from Brasov: Unesco Tour: Sighisoara, Viscri, and Rupea From Brasov.

What to do one day in Viscri

Discover the House of King Charles in Viscri

We can say that King Charles III is the one responsible for the fame that this village has gained abroad. He was the main promoter of this fantastic place, he supported and promoted local culture and small businesses and contributed to the popularity that this place has gained in recent years.

The property owned by him was his holiday home in Transylvania, and currently, it has been opened to the public to be visited. An entrance ticket costs 15 lei.

Here you can visit a clean, country house, with a bright blue exterior, furnished in the traditional style of the area. It is fascinating here to know that this is the place where a high monarch spent his time, in such a simple house and without the typical royal opulence, far from the modern world.

Here you have the possibility to serve syrups with products from the home garden

Wander the streets of Viscri village

In Viscri you can't help but be amazed by the overall picture of the village. On a cobbled road, surrounded by traditional Saxon houses, well preserved over time, with horse-drawn carts and animals left free outside, you will have that picture of the old life.

The village is not big, to get from Charles's House to the Fortified Church it will take you around 15 minutes, but the walk will be very pleasant and relaxing.

The houses, in addition to their authentic beauty, also undertake various activities with a touristic and commercial purpose: they can be accommodation spaces, local gastronomic points, souvenir or various local products shops.


Visit the Fortified Church of Viscri

The fortified church in Viscri is a place of worship of the Evangelical Church built in the 13th century, and which today is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The fortified church is a symbol of the village and a historical monument that impresses with its medieval architecture, the interior of the chapel and the walls of the fortress. An entrance ticket here costs 15 lei / adult and it is a place you should not miss in Viscri.

Eat at local gastronomic points in Viscri

If you want to serve a meal or enjoy the local gastronomy, you must try one of the gastronomic points in Viscri! These are dining areas set up directly in the courtyard of the locals, who await you with local dishes and products from their own gardens.

I recommend here Viscri 32: White Barn and Blue House , where I advise you to make a reservation in advance, or Café Artizanat.

Where to stay in Viscri

If you want to stay in Viscri and live the full experience of this wonderful place, sleeping in a traditional house, I leave below some options from which you can choose:

Other activities in the area

If you come here and have more time at your disposal, you should know that nearby you can find other beautiful places to visit: The Rupea fortress, The Extinct Volcano and Emerald Lake from Racos or Sighisoara.


I recommend you this article, where we presented our weekend itinerary through these wonderful lands of Transylvania: Weekend In The Heart Of Transylvania: Viscri, Sighisoara, Rupea.

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