De ce sa calatoresti?

In order to facilitate this entire planning process, I have prepared a series of articles, a travel guide, which I hope you will find helpful in organizing your future trips. More precisely, a list of tips, tricks and hints that I have collected over the years, from my own experience, and that I would like to share further, with you.

In vederea usurarii acestui intreg proces de planificare, am pregatit o serie de articole, un ghid de calatorie, care sper ca iti vor fi de ajutor in organizarea viitoarelor tale excursii. Mai exact, o lista de sfaturi, ponturi si tips&tricks pe care le-am strans de-a lungul anilor, din experienta proprie, si pe care doresc sa le impartasesc mai departe.

Whether you are an experienced traveler with dozens of trips behind you, or you are at the beginning of this way of traveling on your own, the aspects pointed out in this guide can bring order to your travel plans, so that you can have the most beautiful and successful vacation.

Why Travel?

Before making the decision to set off on a trip, the most important question you may ask yourself is, why travel?


The answer is simple: traveling means living unique experiences, it's the way you discover new and wonderful places, it gives you a feeling of well-being and happiness and you can create lifelong memories. You can enjoy a few days of freedom in a foreign and unknown place, and in this way, you will feel how you escape from the daily stress and hustle and bustle back at home.

There are different ways to travel: you can choose to spend a few days in peace at a resort by the sea or in a guesthouse in the middle of nature, you can explore popular tourist spots such as major European cities, you can go on a holiday of adventure, in which you can try different sports or activities specific to that destination. Whether you go on your own or use a travel agency, any vacation must be carefully planned in advance.

If the reasons described above are not enough to convince you to start thinking about where to go on vacation, I hope that dismantling the following preconceptions will make you change your mind. These are fears and ideas that many people may have when it comes to going on vacation.

1. Traveling is expensive

Traveling does not have to be expensive!At least, no more expensive than some clothes bought during a short visit to the mall, for example.

You can travel cheap and beautiful, you just have to learn how. I recommend reading this article, for tips on how to travel on a budget.

2. Traveling on your own is dangerous

It is quite unlikely that you will suffer anything abroad. There are the same chances that something bad might happen at home, if you walk through dangerous areas. Just as you avoid infamous areas at home, I advise you to avoid them abroad, wherever you go.

Most of the time, you will be going through crowded tourist areas, where the most dangerous thing that can happen to you is your bag, wallet or phone being stolen. But here it also depends on you, and the care you take on your objects. The bag must always be kept in front, to have quick access to it, and the phone or wallet must never be put in the back pockets!

If you don't feel comfortable walking on the streets at night, then don't do it! You make your schedule in such a way that you arrive at the hotel by the evening, or you call taxis, if you don't have any other choice.

If you don't feel safe going to certain countries on your own, maybe because of certain events happening there, trust a travel agency that organizes tours in that area. 

Get a health insurance before you leave the country! It is very important, for your peace of mind, to be insured in case of certain medical problems that may arise.

3. I will not manage by myself in a foreign country

I assure you that anyone can manage anywhere, if they leave well prepared, with their homework done. More precisely, when you arrive at your destination, you must know exactly what to expect:

  • How do I get along with the locals, if we don't speak a common language?
    • Google Translate can be very helpful here. Usually the locals, when they see a tourist, are nice and patient and are willing to communicate with them through all kinds of methods
  • I have no internet and no phone signal
    • A very convenient option, in any country you go to, especially in countries outside the EEA roaming area, is to buy Internet SIM cards. You can use your personal phone, or have another spare phone, with which you can hotspot to others. You can usually find the cards directly at the airport, or in any other shops in the city
    • Search for free Wi-Fi networks to which you can connect
    • In anumite locatii puteti sa va inchiriati routere Wifi portabile, la care sa fiti conectati in permanenta
  • I don't know how to get from one point to another
    • Google Maps (or other profile applications) is your friend in these situations, it offers you routes on foot as well as with public transport, along with their timetable
    • If you do not have internet to start Google Maps, I advise you to download the offline map of your location in advance
    • In addition to Google Maps, there are other applications that you can use to navigate the city: HERE WeGo, Moovit, local public transport applications

4. I can do something else more productive during this time

Here it depends on everyone's priorities and at what point in life they are. I can only tell you that once you get the taste of traveling, you will become addicted to the well-being and energy feeling you have when you are there, and you will look forward to the next vacations. You will end up placing a higher value on experiences and moments spent beautifully, than on material things.

5. I don't have enough vacation days

It is not mandatory that when you set off, you spend many days on that journey. You can choose going on a city break or on short trip during the weekends, in which you can take advantage of free days or national holidays. A little and often can be better than a lot and rarely, and a 3-day getaway in another location can reset you and give you that restart to return to your daily chores with fresh strength.

6. I have no one to go on vacation with

There are many people who travel alone, on their own, maybe because they have no one to go with, or maybe they prefer solitude. Traveling alone doesn't have to be something to be afraid of, if you choose your destinations and organize them in such a way that you always feel safe. It can also be a way to meet new people. If you choose to sleep in hostels, which are very popular among solo travelers, you will have the opportunity to meet people who have adopted the same way of traveling as you.

Another option is to choose a guided tour through a travel agency. For a week, you and several dozen other people will have the same route, and you will certainly not feel alone in such an experience.

How do you plan your vacation?

After you have made the decision to go on a trip, the next step is planning.

A successful trip depends, in advance, on a rigorous preparation, in which you take into account all the positive or negative aspects that may appear during the trip. The risk of having unfortunate events is much lower when you anticipate certain obstacles that you may encounter. Of course, here we do not include unforeseen events that do not directly depend on you, such as flight or accommodation cancellation. But it is important to be in charge of the things you can control.


In simple words, the steps you must follow to organize your vacation are the following:

  1. Choose your destinationresearch that location, create an itinerary and decide what you want to visit or what activities you find interesting
  2. Calculate a possible budget for this trip
  3. Schedule your vacationbuy plane tickets, book accommodation, buy online tickets for the tourist attractions
  4. Prepare your luggage and all the necessary documents

If traveling has become a lifestyle for you, or you want to explore as much as possible this chapter of traveling, I hope this series of articles will help you in organizing your own vacation, and will provide you with a list of tips and tricks that will be useful to you.